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Back around the year 2000, several things changed in my life, not the least of which was the birth of our daughter. I decided to create a weblog for the purposes of sharing and archiving and, since I was a Mac guy, I started a blog using Apple's iWeb. I wasn't a daily or even a weekly poster to the blog, but I was at least somewhat active there from 2000 to the end of 2011. The life of that blog ended because Apple decided to do away with iWeb in June of 2012.

Since I didn't really know much about the other weblog hosts that existed at the time, my blogging days came to a halt. I kept up my Facebook profile and pretended that was enough. Fast forward to 2014: My wife keeps several good blogs and a couple of my friends have impressive ones as well. I have them to thank for the motivation to start blogging again, and to my patient wife for helping me learn the ins and outs of Blogger.

This whole thing begins with some of the archival stuff that I wanted to save from my old iWeb blog, and continues on through current posts and updates. I thank you kindly for taking enough interest to read this, and I hope you find something here that you enjoy.

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